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Martin F. Wojciechowski and Johanna Mahn
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Containing group: Fabales


Quillaja Molina, a genus of small evergreen trees with three to four species from temperate South America, was included in Rosaceae as part of Quillajoideae (Takhtajan, 1997) or as Spiraeaoideae-Quillajeae (Robertson, 1974), but wood anatomical data, etc., suggest that it should be removed (Lotova & Timonin, 1999; cf. Zhang 1992).

Other Names for Quillaja


Lotova, L. I. and A. C. Timonin. 1999. Anatomy of cortex and secondary phloem in Rosaceae. 3. Quillajoideae. Bot. Zhurn. 84 (2): 34-41.

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Zhang, S.-Y. 1992. Systematic wood anatomy of the Rosaceae. Blumea 37: 81-158.

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Scientific Name Quillaja saponaria Molina
Location Cerro Manquehue, Chile
Specimen Condition Live Specimen
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