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Martin F. Wojciechowski and Johanna Mahn
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Containing group: Fabales


Polygalaceae R. Br., a widespread family of ca. 18 genera and perhaps 1050 species, is considered to be monophyletic on the basis of morphological and molecular data (trnL-F; Persson, 2001). This family of trees, lianas and herbs is distributed worldwide except for the western Pacific (e.g., New Zealand). Polygalaceae were traditionally considered to be related to Malpighiaceae or Krameriaceae, all three of which have bilaterally symmetrical flowers that superficially resemble those of Fabaceae, however, analyses of molecular data (rbcL, 18S rDNA and atpB; Soltis et al. 2000; Doyle et al. 2000) place the family as the sister group of Fabaceae.


Doyle, J. J., J. A. Chappill, C.D. Bailey, and T. Kajita. 2000. Towards a comprehensive phylogeny of legumes: evidence from rbcL sequences and non-molecular data. Pages 1-20 in Advances in legume systematics, part 9 (P.S. Herendeen and A. Bruneau, eds.). Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, UK.

Persson, C. 2001. Phylogenetic relationships in Polygalaceae based on plastid DNA sequences from the trnL-F region. Taxon 50: 763-779.

Soltis, D. E., P. S. Soltis, M. W. Chase, M. E. Mort, D. C. Albach, M. Zanis, V. Savolainen, W. H. Hahn, S. B. Hoot, M. F. Fay, M. Axtell, S. M. Swensen, L. M. Prince, W. J. Kress, K. C. Nixon, and J. S. Farris. 2000. Angiosperm phylogeny inferred from 18S rDNA, rbcL, and atpB sequences. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 133:381-461.

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Scientific Name Polygala dalmaisiana
Specimen Condition Live Specimen
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