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Calisto Hübner 1823

Andrew V. Z. Brower
Containing group: Pronophilina


A remarkable island radiation endemic to the Greater Antilles, with a particular explosion of species on the island of Hispaniola. The genus Calisto are small brown, relatively nondescript satyrines.

Jamaica and Puerto Rico are home to one species of Calisto each (C. zangis and C. nubila, respectively). Cuba is home to two: C. herophile and C. sibylla. Both of these species are also reported from the Bahamas, as is one additional species, C. anagadensis. The remaining 37 species are endemic to Haiti/Dominican Republic.

A further striking fact about Calisto is that unlike most butterflies, the preponderance of species have been described quite recently. Only seven species were described prior to 1900, and 23 were were described in the 1980's and 90's.

Position of Calisto in Satyrini

The genus Calisto is considered by Miller (1968) to belong to Pronophilina, with a possible close relationship to Eretris. This has not been borne out to date by evidence from DNA sequences (Brower, Wahlberg unpubl. results), which suggest instead that Calisto may have affinities with palearctic rather than neotropical satyrine taxa.


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