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Lisa Joy Boutin

Worked at Cal. Acad. of Sciences, San Francisco, Museum of New Zealand, and Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery in Tasmania where currently reside. Excellent all round spider taxonomic knowledge, particularly New Zealand and Tasmanian spiders and those in the family Clubionidae genus Clubiona. Currently describing approx. 50 spp. from New Caledonia and several new Tasmanian ones with many new Australian spp. documented. Also 7 spp from Fiji. Currently unfunded. Would welcome joint projects.

Contributor Type: Other Scientist
Institution: Not currently affiliated
Groups of Interest: Clubionidae
Subject Areas of Interest: Behavior, Biogeography, Ecology, Phylogenetics, Taxonomy
Geographic Areas of Interest: New Caledonia, Australia, New Guinea, Pacific and Madagascar
Contributor ID: 3254

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